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Let’s clear some Vista stuff up shall we?

March 12th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

I kinda flipped a bit ago when someone left this response on the Vista public newsgroups, and I felt I should post it here as well so that people can understand some of this better 🙂

> lol and u call them “customer focused” when such important stuff are not
> thought through and giving soooo litttttle time for people to make
> geez I’m sick of this “too early” “too late” lame excuses from Microsoft
> Corporation. i swear there is NO TIME GAP between PUBLIC CUSTOMER feedback
> The feature complete designation is done BEFORE ANY public feedback can be
> made…
> This is called… Microsoft “Your Potential, Our Passion”

So, I posted this in response to that above message. Hopefully people will stop, or at least seriously reduce the amount of flak they are giving Microsoft about it now!

  1. The Customer Feedback programs provide the teams with *huge* amounts of information in how users use Windows. Nothing personal is collected, but they need to know what’s being used, how and when so that they can improve it in the next developmental cycle of Windows.
  2. During the beta program, a lot of testers help out. These aren’t picked randomly, they are selected from a long list of subscribed people who have experience and know what they’re on about. Those people will know what people need, and of course the people at Microsoft are human as well, so they’ll know!
  3. Newsgroups – there are thosands of MSFT newsgroups and the developers and employees *do* check them – they may not reply, but if you’re here for long enough, you do realise there’s a presence of them lurking 🙂
  4. Crash reports – they are all individually looked at, how they happen, what needs doing to fix them and common errors within the application that crashes. These are then compiled and fixed in the next version.

It’s already taken them over half a decade to get this far, they don’t need any more pressure on them! Everyone keeps saying “oh, Microsoft have taken 5 years plus to release another version of Windows”… well they’re wrong to be honest. They’ve had loads of things go on, not just OS’s. They’ve had the Windows XP Starter Editions which have helped a great deal in developing worlds, as well as Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Small Business Server, and they’re working on Windows Starter 2007 as well. Microsoft have come a very long way in the last 5 years, and it’s a shame it’s been overshadowed by the fact they haven’t released a client version of Windows in the meantime.

Let me know what you think about it 🙂


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One Response

  1. Patrick S Says:

    Indeed i agree!!
    Esp when they are creating not just one OS but a range from a new Server OS to a home OS that anyone can use!