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EFI support for Vista-CANCELED!

March 10th, 2006 by Patrick S

Microsoft revealed today that it will not support EFI booting for Windows Vista on its launch. The news will be a shock for owners of Intel Macs who had hoped they would be able to dual-boot between Windows Vista and OS X. Intel Macs only support booting via EFI.

Earlier this year Microsft said that they will support it in the vista OS, however it will not be seen in any version of Vista except Longhorn Server.

Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) is the modern and flexible successor to the 20-year-old PC BIOS. It is responsible for initialising hardware in the PC, and importantly, device drivers are stored in the EFI flash memory rather than being loaded by the operating system. It is a major change for the PC industry and both PC makers and Microsoft have been slow to make the switch. Because the Apple Intel Mac platform is entirely new, it does not have any legacy support concerns. It was hoped that 2006 would be the year PC makers would make the switch. Microsoft’s lack of Windows support is a huge blow to Intel’s hopes, and removes most of the incentive for PC makers to implement it in the short term.

“A combination of factors changed our plans. The big one, in my opinion was platform availability. With this huge move to 64-bit based platforms and for us to support it, we needed to see a large heterogeneous sample of 64 bit implementations out there for us to feel comfortable in supporting it.”

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick Elliott [MVP] Says:

    Probably a smart move, such a abrupt change in technology without extensive testing could cause a really bad launch for Vista. I’m sure it’s getting the internal run-down in a remote lab in Redmond to ensure that they’ll support EFI as soon as they’ve collected enough data to ensure its stability.

  2. Andre N Says:

    Smart move? Not at all. Many people I know are considering buying an Intel Mac, and were hoping to dual boot Mac OS X and Vista. With this news, they won’t reconsider buying the Mac – they’ll just stop using Vista. But I guess Microsoft knows what it’s doing, right? 🙂