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Microsoft on a spending spree

March 8th, 2006 by Patrick S

Spending money like it was burning a hole in its pocket yesterday Microsoft announced the acquisition of both Apptimum and Onfolio. Apptimum was a company that specialized in application migration. This product should complement well the existing Microsoft migration product User State Migration Tool (USMT) which is designed to migrate user settings and data. This newly acquired Microsoft product won’t ship with Windows Vista but instead will be made available as an optional download. I think that is the only thing they could have done with an acquisition this late in the Windows Vista development cycle. The other pick up was Onfolio. Onfolio is/was a toolbar for Internet Explorer that allows you to collect, organize and share online content. The technology from Onfolio was incorporated into the Windows Live toolbar which should be available today from Do you think this spending spree continue? Who will be next? While they have the check book open should they be looking at getting some these “Web 2.0” apps to compliment the “Live” initiative? If so, which ones would you like to see them get?

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