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Need some training/help on ISA Server 2004?

March 4th, 2006 by admin

Just recently been speaking to Zack about ISA Servers on how it can mess up your network if you havn’t correctly set it up, but while browsing the internet tonight I came across this very useful and nice website. The website contains many scenarios for ISA Server and the best thing is Its Free!.

Brief: ISA Server is advanced application layer firewall, VPN and web cache server that enables customers to irmpove network security and performance.

ISA Server Interactive Training:

But, there is also another great resource for ISA Server located at Which also contains a forum where you can ask questions and expect members in the forum and the staff members on that site to reply and help you solve your issue.

Feel free to leave us comments with any issues or problems and we can try our best to help you :).

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  1. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Yer know what, I’m so very glad you blogged this, because you know for a fact I hate ISA Server!! I’ve set my network up using Group Policies mainly, bit by bit because I hate ISA Server… but I think this might help 😀 I’ll check this out later on when I’ve got some work done 😛