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A Closer Look At “Windows Upgrade”.

March 3rd, 2006 by Patrick S

Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday confirmed a cool new feature called Windows Anytime Upgrade was to be included in Vista, the next major update of the operating system.

Tech journalist Ed Bott reported on his blog this week that the feature would enable users of Windows Vista Home Basic to upgrade to either the Home Premium or Ultimate versions of the OS from their computer.

This feature could be accessed through the control panel. After choosing an upgrade, the user would be sent to a Microsoft partner’s site to buy and download a license. Once that’s done, the user could insert the original CD or DVD to upgrade the OS.

In sending the user to a partner site, Microsoft is apparently avoiding competition with computer manufacturers by not selling licenses directly to computer users.

“…I listed some of the upgrade scenarios that will be possible when Windows Vista ships. All three consumer versions – Home Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate – will be included on the same CD or DVD. You don’t need to go to the store and purchase a new shrink-wrapped box to upgrade; all you have to do is go to Control Panel and run the Windows Anytime Upgrade program.

I’ve just installed Windows Home Basic on a test computer here and snapped some screen shots to show what the process looks like. Here’s the opening screen:

When you click past this introduction, you get to the step-by-step upgrade path shown here:

Note the text in step 1, which makes it very clear that you’re about to go to “one of our partner’s websites to purchase a license….” Microsoft clearly has no desire to upset its retail and OEM partners by trying to sell licenses directly to Windows customers. I suspect that in the final release big OEMs like Dell, HP, and Sony will have a custom version of this upgrade utility to send customers back to their website to purchase the upgrade license.

If you try to upgrade using one of the current beta test versions, of course, you get sent to a placeholder page, which contains no pricing or other details.”

 -Patrick S

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