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Round Sidebar working in 5308.17!

March 2nd, 2006 by admin

New screens 0f Vista Build 5308.winmain_idx01.060217-2200 of Vista leaked! I managed to get theese screens just a few mins after they leaked thanks to my good friend Utaks!.

Instructions: Anyone who has 5308.17 should grab a resource hacking program like PE Explorer and make a backup copy of *:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe (where * equals the partition 5308.17 is installed to). Then open the file in your resource hacker, and go to the resource viewer/editor part of the application as I’ve done HERE in PE Explorer. Then point to the RC Data directory, and the 20023 resource. replace it with THIS png and then do the same for the 20024 resource. Save this file over the old one, speaking you should already have made a backup copy just incase you failed to follow these instructions correctly. Finally, run sidebar.exe and you should be set and ready to go!

Round Sidebar in 5308.17 – Desktop

Round Sidebar in 5308.17 – Start Menu

Round Sidebar in 5308.17 – Computer

Round Sidebar in 5308.17 – WMP 11

From Utakz’s Blog

Screens located here.
Source: Utaks’ Blog

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