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MSBLOG Exclusive: Microsoft “Origami” revealed

March 1st, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Exclusive: Zack Whittaker (

We have come to light of some information – Microsoft “Origami” is a new device of which will rival the Sony PSP, the iPod and other devices. It will be a handheld device of which can be physically manipulated to take different shapes and forms (nothing out of Star Trek, just folding a few times… we think) and will be able to play games, play music, connect wirelessly via Wireless Protocol and possibly Bluetooth.

Not sure about the operating system – we’ve seen some images running Windows XP, although the edition is unknown, probably Tablet PC Edition. However with Vista on the looms, I’m sure we can see that being supplied with the “Origami” device.

UPDATE: Just recieved some more information which could be very useful. Because transistors nowadays are producing faster and faster computers, the limit is around 4Ghz before they get so hot they just won’t work. However, a new transistor is being produced and Microsoft may well be using this new chip to create a new processor within their “Origami” device, to enable really fast computing on really small devices.Microsoft may not be making the “Origami” device itself, they may just be making the operating system that runs on it. However, some interesting *unconfirmed* information states that Microsoft could be working with manufacturers such as HP, DT Research, NEC, DuraTab and/or Assistive Technology Inc. Now we have yet to confirm this, but these may well be the companies which go towards making the final Microsoft “Origami” device!

Microsoft “Origami” –

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  1. Patrick S Says:

    oh y not?

  2. MSBLOG Says:

    […] I got a lot of stick about writing the original post (which was an exclusive may I add, because nobody else had gutted up to being bold and open about it as I did). Anyway, Microsoft have indeed updated the and let rip a whole load of things about it. […]