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Passport doesn’t support PocketPC yet

February 28th, 2006 by admin

Normally, you should think, that a company like Microsoft is offering highly integrated services and normally they do if you take the integration of Windows Mobile into the PC and server environment with all the sync functionalities, etc but now imagine you bought a new Windows Mobile Pocket PC, you would like to start using MSN Messenger the first time and a friend tells you, that you need a Microsoft Passport account. Not a big deal at all, since you have the Internet in your pocket and you should be able to easily create such an account right from your Pocket PC. Ok, so far the theory.

  • Now go to with your Windows Mobile Pocket PC
  • Select Get started now from “Use an e-mail address you already have”
  • And wonder what you will receive:

You will receive: “We do not support PocketPC Yet”…


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