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Say goodbye to Office “12”, say hello to Microsoft Office 2007

February 17th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Microsoft has announced that previously codenamed Office “12”, it shall now be called Microsoft Office 2007. I think to be perfectly honest we all expected it to be this, as Office Live has already been taken by the Windows Live lot for web-based small business services. 

Only a quick one – been told that I’m mentally exhausted, so I’ll be taking it easy for some time. I’ll blog when I can, if I can, but it’s not going to be easy. Take care everyone, I’ll be back soon no doubt. 🙂 

Quote: Microsoft
“Microsoft Corp. today announced the lineup of its upcoming 2007 Microsoft® Office system products, previously code-named Microsoft Office “12,” including new and improved suites, applications, servers and services to be available by the end of 2006. The 2007 release is designed to increase individual impact, simplify collaboration, streamline business processes and content management, and improve business insight. The product and packaging lineup is grounded in a deep understanding of how customers’ needs intersect with trends in the workplace. Microsoft will make available both enhanced and new packaging options to make it easier for customers to purchase the solutions that best meet their unique business needs.” 

Have a look: Microsoft PressPass  

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