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Microsoft Announces Vision and Roadmap for Active Directory

February 15th, 2006 by Patrick S

 Microsoft have posted a bulletin about its Roadmap and vision’s for AD. Its a bit of a read but worth it.

On Feb. 14, 2006, Microsoft Corporation announced the vision and roadmap for Active Directory, which includes expanded capabilities that customers will see in future versions of Microsoft Windows Server, starting with the release code named “Longhorn.” Customers, developers, and partners will begin to see these new, richer capabilities in Beta 2 of Windows Server “Longhorn,” which is due in Q2 of this year.

Active Directory will evolve by bringing together the identity and access services of Windows Server 2003 R2; adding new services for building and managing connected systems; and aligning these services around a unified architecture, policy model, developer model, and management experience. Active Directory will help organizations unleash the power of identity by providing users of Windows Server a single infrastructure with which to manage all of their identity and access needs. Active Directory will deliver the following capabilities:

domain and directory services
strong credentials
access control
single sign-on
federated identity
information rights protection
process automation

As a first milestone in delivering against this vision, Microsoft is aligning all of the identity and access capabilities available in Windows Server around Active Directory to help customers simplify deployment and administration, lower the total cost of ownership, enhance security, and streamline compliance. This work includes the renaming of several capabilities with the Active Directory brand in Windows Server “Longhorn”:

Active Directory Domain Services, formally Active Directory Domain Controller
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services, formerly Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)
Active Directory Rights Management Services, formerly Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS)
Active Directory Certificate Services, formerly Windows Certificate Services
Active Directory Metadirectory Services, formerly the Identity Integration Feature Pack (IIFP)

The new server role names reflect Microsoft’s commitment to unify the architecture of these currently disparate technologies in order to reduce complexity, simplify deployment, and improve manageability.

Customers with current installations of Active Directory (Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003), or any of the stand-alone server technologies that are being integrated, can continue through their existing upgrade path with minimal disruptions. For those customers who wish to take advantage of the new capabilities being integrated in Active Directory, these capabilities can be added to existing Windows Server 2003 Active Directory infrastructures.

Later in the Windows Server “Longhorn” wave, Microsoft will add new capabilities to Active Directory, such as the Security Token Service, to simplify identity and access for connected systems. The Security Token Service will also support the issuance and management of “InfoCards” to provide a safer online experience to both consumer and enterprise applications.

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