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Please join us in a Microsoft Branch Office Chat – What Lies Ahead in Longhorn

February 10th, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

Please join the MSBLOG team in an upcoming Microsoft Branch Office chat – thanks to the Branch Team at Microsoft for giving us the heads up on this!

Branch Office Chat – What Lies Ahead – Monday, February 13th at 10:00 am PST

We will talk about technology that is coming in Longhorn and will expose some of the inner working of the development cycle, from requirements gathering and how you could influence it to the road that leads to the release of Beta 1. 

On the day of the chat enter here:

See you there!

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3 Responses

  1. Patrick S Says:

    Ill try go if i am not too sleepy 😛

  2. Zack Says:

    So… what time is this in GMT time? 😛

  3. Patrick E Says:

    Uhhh well.. it would be 1PM US Eastern time so, how many hours is GMT from me? If I had to guess I’d say 6PM, but thats assuming GMT is EST + 5, so confusing .. :p