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Vista to include new filesystem optimized for flash media

January 8th, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

It’s called EXFAT, or Extended FAT (no, not something you become after eating too many McDonald’s hamburgers…) and its included in December 2005 CTP (5270) build of Windows Vista.

So what is the new EXFAT filesystem?

According to Microsoft sources:

"EXFAT is a new filesystem optimised for flash-style removable devices. FAT has traditionally been adopted for these devices, but was never really an optimal solution. EXFAT is designed to overcome many of the problems/limitations of FAT on such media."

I did a google search for EXFAT and wasn’t met with any luck — not sure why this has flown under the radar screen but if anyone knows some more information on the EXFAT implementation in Windows Vista, or it’s support in any other flash-based consumer devices please let us know!!

Patrick Elliott, MVP – Windows Server System – Storage

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4 Responses

  1. Jtb Says:

    sorry, I don’t know anything about technical details but it can’t be called “Extended FAT”: “Extended FAT” is just the FAT for Win95 with longer filenames (see

  2. RemyServices Says:

    If you log into you can now join the beta for exFAT so I am sure there will be more information on it very soon.

  3. bouba Says:

    The link above give access to a powerpoint presentation done during the WinHEC 2006.
    I found some information in there that you could find interesting as well about exFAT

  4. Patrick S Says:

    hey thanks :D,
    MY exFat beta status just changed to active so it will be all go soon