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Vista December CTP

December 23rd, 2005 by Zack Whittaker

It’s got to be said – so far I am incredibly pleased with the Microsoft Beta team with their work on Windows Vista and Windows Longhorn Server. When I was playing with Longhorn Server 5112, I was complaining at the fact that “it was simply Windows Vista with the ability to add a few server roles” and to be honest it’s exactly the same… but I’m far from complaining! A few things to highlight on – there are a few more noticeable bugs in Longhorn Server than Windows Vista at the moment with some things not working, but the server capabilities are astounding. I’ve been running my network at home off Longhorn Server, and it’s been practically no trouble at all from the rest of the computers point of view. The only problem, is that it took me bloody ages to find the ‘classic’ Network Properties, and eventually had to create a shortcut on my Desktop to the .cpl file in my System32 folder to get there. Now, the wireless capabilities on it are crap, even in Windows Vista it’s confusing but as long as it connects, it’s OK. However with Longhorn Server, wireless just isn’t happening, so I’m very glad I can Ethernet it to my wireless router for the rest of the house.

Also we see some absolutely lovely new graphics card capabilities. My Nvidia GeForce 6200 isn’t compatible with 5239 and earlier builds for the Aero Glass effects, and this time I was amazed to see Aero Glass working on Longhorn Server… without installing the beta Forceware drivers off the Nvidia website! I’ll include a few to look at below (not like you haven’t seen them before!) So, it proves that Windows Vista and Longhorn Server are more compatible for Aero Glass, just as the video card manufacturers are so at least the two are meeting in the middle.

A little disappointed that the Aero Glass won’t work on my mega-beefed-up-amazingly-fast laptop and they will on my relatively poor server, but pickers can’t be choosers (excuse the British proverb!)

Overall, the December CTP of Windows Vista and Longhorn Server are actually really good and although a lot of work is still to go into them… it really excites me to know that it can only get better from this point on, and if it’s already pretty cool… how good can it get?

Apple Mac OS 10.4 eat your electronic heart out, Windows Vista is on it’s way! 😀

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One Response

  1. Patrick S Says:

    Cool post! Cant wait to see your pics. I wish i had it up and running!
    And yea MACOS! Ha

    P.S i thought it was beggers cant be choosers 😛