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Developments In The Microsoft Windows Vista CTP

December 13th, 2005 by Patrick S

Few alittle notes about Vista’s December CTP’s Release….

* The December CTP is not Code Complete.

* The December CTP is not Beta 2

* The December CTP is not a Public Beta

* The December CTP is an almost Code-Complete build. Microsoft has verified that it will be closely followed by an internal
code-complete build, and only then will Beta 2 (in code-complete stage) be released.

* No one knows the Build Number of the December CTP. Yep, not even Paul.

* A CTP is simply an internal build that goes through a series of steps and preps to convert it to a code-complete build.

* Any build can (if MS so pleases) be made into a CTP. It probably does not take too long to convert a build to CTP, relatively speaking.

* If major glitches are found in the build intended to be released as a CTP, Microsoft simply converts a later (or earlier for that matter) build to the CTP. Despit people’s (no names please =P) calims, they do not have the CTP, and nor will they until it is distributed to the Tech Beta testers as the CTP.

* The December CTP will have bugs, it will not have complete upgrading support from XP, nor will it contain Windows Update.

* The sources for all of these claims are documented from official (public and private) discussions with Microsoft officials, unlike many other sources on the net.

Source: Deansweb2004

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