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Now i know the feeling..

December 11th, 2005 by Patrick S

Now I do know the feeling of what it is like to be ripped of!!!

Since R2 was my Microsoft first beta I never realized the feeling…The feeling of being ripped off…After spending tedious hours of pain staking bug testing on Windows server 2003 R2, filing bugs, communicating with R2 Dev’s etc- putting in your heart and soul into a beta that meant so much to you regardless of other commitments…

Then one night you are surfing the net and you see torrents all over the place e.g. Hundreds of Torrent sites. This really makes my blood boil.
I have never been in a beta that has been ripped off before in an act of blatant piracy but now I know the feeling-The feeling that something has generally been stolen from you. Especially only a few days since RTM!

R2 meant a lot to me…I met great people and generally had a good time-I know you may be thinking that I am sad but regardless of what you think, I am pretty sad and annoyed by this sort of activity. But I guess I will have to learn to live with it… The unavoidable threat of piracy-There is plenty more where that came from 🙁

Patrick S

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2 Responses

  1. anog Says:

    Well, I know this is debatable, but I think Microsoft profits from software piracy in the end. People get used to Microsoft products, and when they go to work somewhere, that’s all they can use. Why do you think many small companies didn’t switch to free and open source software?
    It’s like the Lotus guys once said. “We’d prefer it if you bought the software… But since you’re gonna use pirated software, at least use ours!” 😉

  2. Patrick S Says:

    And they sue people…And get profits from that 😉