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Microsoft says some customers may have downloaded the wrong Server 2003 R2 Evaluation software

December 10th, 2005 by Patrick Elliott

From an email sent to all who downloaded the trial of Windows Server 2003 R2:

Thank you for downloading the trial software version of Windows Server 2003 R2. We want to ensure that you are running the Release to Manufacture (RTM) version of the software. As the result of some technical issues on between December 7 and 8, some customers might have downloaded the incorrect version of the trial software.

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Please check the names of the ISO files you downloaded. If the file names are in the following list you have the correct version of the software.

• Windows Server 2003 R2 32-bit x86
CD1: x11-03905.iso
CD2: srv03_r2_2075_usa_x86fre_adsr2.iso

• Windows Server 2003 R2 x64
CD1: x11-04774.iso
CD2: srv03_r2_2075_usa_x64fre_adsr2.iso

If the files you downloaded do not match the names on this list, please refer to your order confirmation e-mail to access the correct download.

• To verify whether you have the RTM software installed on your test machine, please search your computer’s registry by following these steps:

Step 1: Start > Run > regedit
Step 2: Edit > Find > 5.2.3790.2075

If the search request provides the result of 5.2.3790.2075, the RTM version is installed and no further action is required.

By: Patrick Elliott / MSBLOG

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4 Responses

  1. MSBLOG Says:

    […] Microsoft says some customer’s may have downloaded the wrong Server 2003 R2 Evaluation software 10th December 2005 – 01:49 AM by Patrick E in MS News & Server 2003 R2 | Comments enabled […]

  2. Shena Says:

    I tried to search the registry and did not find the above string. When I go to About Windows the v. 5.2 R2 Build 3790.srv03_sp1_rtm.05324-1447.

  3. Shena Says:

    Could this be why we cannot upgrade from the trial version to our licensed version?

  4. Patrick S Says:

    Um possibly. I would just un install and re install myself lol