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News That will make your day!

November 9th, 2005 by Patrick S

Ever wanted to learn C#, C++, SQL, or any other language but didn’t have the money to buy Visual Studio and get started? Well Microsoft is giving their Express products away for free!

How are Express Editions different from the rest of the Visual Studio and SQL Server Editions? Express Edition products are designed for hobbyists, students, and novice developers. As such, they lack the full breadth of features found in higher-end Visual Studio and SQL Server Editions. They are designed specifically for scenarios common to the hobbyist, student, and novice developer. Each Express Edition includes targeted documentation that will help the beginning programmer quickly learn the concepts required to build more advanced applications. The user interfaces are significantly streamlined to ensure that extraneous features do not interfere with the learning process. If you later decide that you do need additional features available in the higher-end editions of Visual Studio and SQL Server, you can seamlessly upgrade your code and skills.

Download: Visual Web Developer DL
Download: VB 2005 DL
Download: Visual C# DL
Download: Visual C++ DL
Download: Visual J# DL
Download: SQL 2005 Server DL

News source: MSDN

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