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All this ‘live’ business, a huge jump for Microsoft

November 2nd, 2005 by Zack Whittaker

So suddenly this has all happened, I went to bed about 7pm last night because I was incredibly ill, I wake up at 8am this morning and I’ve discovered an entire new side of Microsoft. It’s hard to explain, but lots of beta’s are now changing their branding. Roaming Favourites = Windows Live Favourites, Windows OneCare Live = Windows OneCare Live (no change), MSN Messenger 8.0 = Windows Live Messenger.

But, I think it’s fair to say that there is an awful lot of information on the new Messenger blog on MSN Spaces. Here’s the info. Oh and by the way guys, the MSN Butterfly logo and possibly the newsgroups and the branding of the MSN Butterflies… goodbye! They are NO more!!

A few months ago all the members of the MSN Messenger team were shut into a room (lured there by cookies and free frappaccinos) to hear the announcement. “MSN Messenger had a good run. It’s time for change. Then next time our users upgrade, it will be to Windows Live Messenger”

A judge would’ve started banging his gavel, “Order! Order!” because the entire saucer-eyed, slack-jawed team erupted in murmurs and exclamations. I personally clapped my hands and bounced up and down like a two-year-old. “I can’t WAIT to blog this!” (yeah, that’s right – I have a one-track mind). I didn’t know why or how or what it all meant, except that I’d have to get new business cards. Actually – I like my business cards, they’re all multicolored with the adorable little flapping butterfl…

“WAIT!” I cried. “The butterfly! What’s going to happen to the butterfly!?”

They looked at me the same way my parents did when my childhood dog, Minx, got cancer. So, no more butterfly for Messenger. I’m still excited about the change to Windows Live, but I am gonna miss that little guy. Sniff.

Since the internal announcement, I’ve learned that this name change actually is a lot bigger than a juicy blog post and the canning of a defenseless Lepidoptera (look it up, I did) on Messenger.

MSN will morph into two brands, Windows Live and MSN.
After a few successful years, the creators of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer split the cast and concept in half and created a new and almost equally successful show, Angel. Buffy focused on the human experience, while Angel catered to the sci-fi-action-loving crowd. Think of MSN like Buffy and Windows Live like the Angel spin-off: same people and same missions, but divided in the interest of better focus. MSN now means content, like and MSNBC. While Windows Live means services like, Mail, and of course, Instant Messaging.

MSN Messenger 7.5 is the last version of the IM client that will wear the MSN brand. The next one will wear Windows Live.
In some ways this announcement could be misinterpreted as just a Prince-esque or Puff Daddy name change: I mean, look at it from our perspective: one day, halfway through upgrading MSN Messenger 7.5 to MSN Messenger 8.0 we’re told to keep doing what we’re doing, just be aware it’ll be called Windows Live Messenger instead of MSN Messenger 8.0. When it’s ready you, as users, will download Windows Live Messenger just like you would’ve downloaded MSN Messenger 8.0, had there been one. You will sign in with the same ID and see your buddies, and have the ability to IM anyone whether they’re running the old MSN Messenger or the new Windows Live Messenger. You will have all the old features you’re used to, plus the awesome new ones that we were building for Windows Live Messenger. (ha, that reads like I was trying to hypnotize you, but I know I don’t have to, you WILL do all these things ;-). Ok, I will, anyway :-).

But like a “John” who changes his name to “Jane”, this is more than just a name change.
To see major implication, you have to know that the name change is just a first step. As the services pull away from MSN content to live together under a new brand, we’re also pulling closer together under one mission: To unite the online experience If that sounds like a line PR fed us, you’re probably right – but I don’t mind saying it because I believe the product teams fed it to PR first. We’re computer users too, and the idea of being able to access a lot more features from a lot more places, to switch from Messenger to Search to Mail and have everything look and work the same way, excites us. Take the new Unified Contacts in Windows Live Messenger as an example. How much do you hate storing a different and disjoint list of contacts all over the place, in Messenger, in your address book, in your phone, and when information changes in one place, it’s outdated in all the others. Imagine how great it will be when we’re going to be able to keep all of your contacts in one place so that when you’re using different services you can access this list in the same straightforward way. Imagine if someone consolidated life this way! Every time I leave my house, I go through a mental list: Phone? Keys? Wallet? Camera? MP3 Player? Gum? I would love for someone to consolidate these items for me. (“Now you can call your friends, drive your car, pay for lunch and photograph it too! listen to The Offspring, freshen your breath all with one unified device!”).

Final Thoughts (for now) :

– Windows Live Messenger is not out yet – but I can promise that as soon as it is, we’ll let you know. Keep using MSN Messenger. We worked hard on it!

– Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger will not be two separate clients in the sense that you cannot have them both on your computer at once. It’s one or the other, just like MSN Messenger 7.0 and MSN Messenger 7.5

– If you’re scared that MSN Messenger is ending, don’t be. This is not the end of MSN Messenger, but a Metamorphosis. Come with us on this journey, it will be worth it. (Oh sad, metamorphosis makes me think of butterflies. Sniff)

– I’m embarrassed to even have to talk about this, but for now, it’s still an issue: Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger are still not the same thing. Just pick the one you like to use, and close the other one up, you’re not meant to run them both, one is just a bigger brighter flashier version of the other.

Source: Inside Windows Live Messenger

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