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Security problems caused Vista delay

October 18th, 2005 by Patrick S

NEIL HOLLOWAY Microsoft’s president of EMEA, said that security was the reason that its Vista Longhorn product was delayed for a year.
And he said that one of the reasons it settled with Real rather than bought it was that its market share would then have been too big.

The firm got sidetracked because of security with the launch of Vista. Maybe Microsoft should have got security right five or 10 years back, he admitted.

Holloway said that Microsoft wasn’t that interested in big fishes. It wanted to acquire small, IP related companies in order to improve its own products.

He claimed that Microsoft will launch twice as many products in the next 12 months as it released in the last three years.

Microsoft, he said, has 3,000 patents which he believes is ‘superimportant’. It also has 370 products and 100,000 independent software vendors which write to its products.

He claimed that over the last 30 years one of the barriers was because of the hardware, but Microsoft now believes that’s not the problem any more. The problem is to exploit the hardware from a software perspective.

Microsoft isn’t hidebound by bureaucracy and isn’t an island of prosperity in Redmond which ignores the rest of the world, Holloway said.

The Vole spends $6 billion on R&D, and Holloway admitted that it had made mistakes. But, he said, Microsoft doesn’t give up but goes back again and again. He said the firm doesn’t get everything right.

He said that security is job zero for Microsoft. Microsoft is paranoid but takes criticism seriously and is willing to change.

The recent internal re-organisation addressed those criticisms. The re-organisation was a very important change because these presidents can make decisions, and not everything has to go back to Steve Ballmer or Bill Gates for an ultimate decision.


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