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Windows Vista Build 5231 Released to Testers

October 17th, 2005 by Patrick Elliott

Microsoft released build 5231 of the Windows Vista Operating system to Techbeta testers today, many of whom have anticipated the release of this build for many weeks now.

Changes seen so far in 5231 include the distribution of CD ISO images as well as DVD ISO images.

The DVD ISO weighs in at 2930.7MB, slightly larger than the last build, 5219

and the CD ISO image set is only 1622.22MB, over 1GB less then the DVD ISO

Since the download is still going I can’t speak as to the major size difference in the two images.

A 5231 SDK is also offered for download via Microsoft Connect.

The major question, at least in my mind, is when will we see a new Longhorn Server build? The last Server build released to the Techbeta program was 5112, or Beta 1.

More to come….


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19 Responses

  1. Jabez Gan Says:

    Yay! I still need 16+ hours to download the 3GB DVD ISO of Vista…

  2. Patrick S Says:

    I think i have an invite waiting form e in my inbox :O ill check when i get back from class 2day!

  3. Zack Whittaker Says:

    So whats the difference between the DVD ISO and the CD ISO then? Their nearly a Gb in difference, so they must be different somehow…

  4. Patrick E Says:

    Update: Language pack and supplemential drivers is whats not there

  5. Jabez Gan Says:

    I don’t feel like checking Vista’s NG… Hate to check when there’s a new build out…

  6. Deansweb2004 Says:

    I’m going to install the CD version… Hopefully I might find some Bugs, yey! 😀

  7. Zack Whittaker Says:

    So, I’ve got a lower spec computer, 256RAM AMD 1900+ (1.8Ghz), should I run the CD version? I presume the CD version is the same as the DVD version except it doesn’t have the drivers for higher spec computers. Is that right? 😛

  8. Deansweb2004 Says:

    Also, It’s advantage for people that havnt got DVD-Writers, since they can use the CD Version 😛

  9. Patrick S Says:

    From what I have heard you need a min of 512megs of ram. Is this Right? I installed another 512 card and now have 768mb. I have a similar prosessor to you so who knows…

  10. Patrick E Says:

    Pat. S — the 1900+ will run vista just fine w/ 768MB

  11. Jabez Gan Says:

    Zack: Yes it works on 256MB RAM. It worked on my P4 2.6 with 256MB for Beta 1 and 5219. 🙂

  12. Patrick E Says:

    Works.. and runs good are two diff things though lol 😛 Windows Server 2003 “works” on a Pentium 100MHz w/ 32MB RAM (my friends and I added 128 and faster processor for install, then cut the specs back to see if it worked or not)

  13. Jabez Gan Says:

    LOL, let me rephrase. Runs OKon 256MB, but with 512MB, it can run better 😛

    Give it a try! Do’nt forget to use the Windows Classic theme with 256MB 1

  14. Patrick S Says:

    Lucky i got more ram…Now i can Virtual Server it!!!

  15. Zack Whittaker Says:

    LOL! Yeh I’ve got Windows Server R2 on the “will be Vista machine” at the moment – but it’s going to be a right pain in the arse for me because I’m ‘attending’ the Great 2005 Operating System Switcharound… LOL.

    My physical server is now running on a virtual machine (and runs well actually) on my Windows XP laptop, whilst my physical server will then run Windows Vista Build 5239 on it… and depending on what happens, might either buy another computer to house Windows Server Codename Longhorn or put that into a virtual machine (but cut back on the themes and stuff).

    Having said that, still got access to Patrick’s lab so that might have to do for a while!

  16. Patrick E Says:

    My test lab will phase into Windows Server “Longhorn” testing, you have my word on that! It’s not going anywhere 🙂

  17. Patrick S Says:

    OH dear- Awesome,
    I onlt have enough Bandwidth to download Vista-for this month antyway (why dont I ever get into a beta at the start of the month??)
    Anyway Vista will be awesome cause i can run it here but i cant wait to try LH server! Will be awesome to see it going on the test lab since R2 wont be around for ever!

    Ill getr LH server next month and I hope they will not be launching another build of Vista I have nearly been downloading for 24 hours straight @ 32KB/sec 🙁

  18. Jabez Gan Says:

    There will be a new Vista build every month, so you will be downloading a newer build of Vista next month 😛

    And since Beta 2 should be released on Nov, then most probably that next month’s Vista will be beta 2…

  19. Patrick S Says:

    oh serious lol.
    Vista will be soo crowded me thinks lol.

    If the builds come out before the 19th i am happy 🙂