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Redmond Magazine reviews more R2 components

October 10th, 2005 by Patrick Elliott

By Patrick Elliott / MSBLOG

Will R2 Make You More Secure? — The title from October’s issue of Redmond Magazine, which Redmond’s Joern Wettern reviews the upcoming Windows Server product.

"The focus in R2 is on adding new functionality, like making connections to branch offices easier and more efficient. Security wasn't completely ignored, however. Two of the new components are directly targeted at security pros:
Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) promises to allow for authentication across AD forests.
New services for Unix will better integrate Unix and Windows environments. "

The article then goes on to present a scenario of a Federation setup, only without the Trey Research and Adatum names.. some of you get what I’m referring to there.

Read the entire article here

And as always, you can download and play w/ the pre-Release Windows Server 2003 R2 CPP build from the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 site.

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  1. Patrick S Says:

    I love hearing R2 news! Also never read redmondmag before. Cheers