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Windows Vista Build 5231 Leaks

October 9th, 2005 by Patrick S

A new build of Windows Vista has leaked, a week before the new build is expected to be released to testers.

The October CTP build released to testers will incorporate additional functions than this leak, whilst likely retaining the same build number.

Released with build 5231 are Windows Media Player Version 11 (still under the guise of Windows Media Player 10), which includes a smart new interface, and the latest Beta of Internet Explorer 7, with tabs adopting the more conventional ‘below the address bar’ style. New sound features are added with active output and input monitors, so hopefully previous sound problems have been resolved.

Screenshots to come….

Source: Neowin

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11 Responses

  1. ch0de's Blog Says:

    Windows Vista Build 5231

    Windows Vista Build 5231 has been leaked somewhere on the net, or IRC, but I don’t have the link yet, and still digging for it. But, I got some changes that are in this build:

    System properties has a new look.
    Sound studdering problem appren…

  2. Deansweb2004 Says:

    Chris123nt was saying this afternoon that he has had it for a week or so, but didnt release it today. Plus, most of the screenshots are supplied by him 🙂

  3. Patrick E Says:

    This makes me ANGRY! Especially since I’ve had conversations about build 5231 w/ internal contacts for over 3 weeks! Do I have it.. no. I’ll wait patiently for it to appear on connect.

  4. Patrick S Says:

    It is dissapointing,
    I cant stand leaking and try to avoid leaked software but yes,
    very dissapointed!

  5. Jabez Gan Says:

    S, isn’t the title of this entry a bit… Long? LOL

    Yeah it seems that our very own BT Chris123NT had it and there’s some long discussions in our private NG… He said that he will provide all information to MS if he was asked.

  6. Patrick E Says:

    The big question is that of Longhorn Server Build 5231 (which does exist internally, and no, I do not have a copy) It has been said we will see IIS 7 here in the near future.. so I’m hoping to get the chance to play with IIS 7 in the near future. We will have to wait and see.

  7. Patrick S Says:

    lol fixed the title…Didnt mean to do that lol

  8. Deansweb2004 Says:

    I might just wait intill the end of next week, when its released on connect and get a good speed to download at.

  9. Jabez Gan Says:

    title still a bit too long eh? LOL

  10. Patrick S Says:

    Lol you are right lol, Fixed again! ha ha ha (Finally).
    Plus over 4000 hits now 😀

  11. Patrick E Says:

    Woo hoo! And we’re very well indexed on Google and MSN search as well