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Microsoft: Better Listen to Your Beta Testers

September 30th, 2005 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

As a Microsoft beta tester, I’m forced to use the 1995’esque (lynx optimized) Beta Place and/or the halfhearted Connect sites to manage program acceptance and feedback. Dumb. Dumb ditty dumb ditty dumb-dumb-dumb. Nobody should be leaving ANY kind of constructive feedback in a newsgroup anymore, neither in a Web-based forum nor through a mildly-antequated NNTP hierarchy. Empower the community, don’t just placate it. Here’s the kicker: Microsoft already has a better product, and it’s already using it – but only in a limited fashion. This is a call-to-arms for all Microsoft software beta testers on the planet: we must all start using “Ladybug” for all future beta software releases. Strongarm your contacts to steer directly into its headlights. As suggested by another annoyed supporter, Brandon Bloom [sic]:

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