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Office 12 Servers… coming soon?

September 23rd, 2005 by Zack Whittaker

Well if you didn’t know already, with Office 12 there shall be a server componant with it. During Steven Sinofsky’s (Microsoft Senior Vice President of Office Systems) keynote speech at the PDC conference in LA, he didn’t say as such anything about Microsoft’s plans for Office but instead he indirectly talked about the Office Server’s plans.

He talked about the different products of Office products using server technology, such as Excel Server 12 for example. and others along the way to provide more features and infrastructure to the Office suite. This will also coinside with the new version of SharePoint services and server version 3.0 coming relatively soon. He also said in his keynote speech that SharePoint Server is the “core platform element we build from”.

The new version of SharePoint services will be released in conjunction with Office 12 (still in pre-beta for the time being, opening up to beta late this year) in the thrid quarter of 2006, more than likely after the release of the highly anticipated Windows Vista.

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