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More Invites =)

September 12th, 2005 by Patrick S

Here are a coupple more web2messenger invites for ya :O

  • Invite 1
  • Invite 2

    Please enjoy them its a great service!

    Also we have been accepted to get the MSBLOG button on their website. To get it to be showen we have to get a many people as we can to vitit their site using This address

    Or use the below image.

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    6 Responses

    1. linja didi Says:

      There is a web messenger from msn itself, never heard people mention bout it, I think it should be more secure than web2messenger as web2 isn’t the founder of that, we might lose our password to some malicious hackers if the web2 securities are no good or our email address are sold to some third parties organizations…

      URL –|>

      linja didi

    2. Patrick S Says:

      ahh you must be mistaken,
      With this service (one you sign up) you add a msn chat bot to your contact list. In turn people can enter a URL (,/Ping) into their browser and leave you a msn messenger message…
      webmessenger is different again. as in you only need a web browser to sign into your account instead of having the actual MSN messenger program.

    3. Jabez Gan Says:

      To add what Patrick S have explained, web2messenger will not need your .NET passport’s email in order to work. You will need to create a new account with them and their bot will add your .NET passport email (your Hotmail/MSN account) and whenever somebody messages you (say, from a webpage), the bot will forward that message to you on your MSN Messenger account.

    4. linja didi Says:

      Oh, is it? Ehm..well, that doesn’t really bother me, I need to use web messenger sometimes because my college doens’t provide IM application or to be precise they do not allow us to install any program on their “untouchable” computers…don’t even let us change the HomePage(disabled the field) of the browser, though I have tried to do something to enable it, but it will restore after you log out, *lol*
      Anyway, I think I understand what Jabebez said…but why do so much of works since there is a web messenger provides by msn itself? No forwarding needed, no registration needed, just log in and use, as simple as ABC …

      world peace,
      linja didi

    5. Jabez Gan Says:

      I think you missed the point again…

      This is the scenario on using web2messenger: Webmaster A needs to gather some feedback, thus he adds this web2messenger image to his website. Visitors to the site can click on the link and type in their message and it will be forwarded to the Messenger client of the webmaster.

      Another scenario: In a forum, Member A adds this web2messenger image into his signature. Other members who saw his posts will be able message him by clicking on the link, and other members will also see if he is online (the image will show whether the user is online/offilne).

      Hope this clear you up. 🙂

    6. linja didi Says:

      Ehm, I’m talking bout the web IM actually, didn’t know you guys are talking bout the link or the image. Hope I didn’t confuse you guys.