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Microsoft gives Windows a lesson in manners

September 11th, 2005 by Patrick Elliott

A kind, friendly, more polite Windows? That’s exactly what the Windows Vista User Experience team wants to deliver with Microsoft’s upcoming OS. Microsoft Corporation yesterday released the Windows Vista UX Guidelines for download from it’s website.

Microsoft promises to revolutionize the user experience with Windows Vista, delivering a product that is both intuitive and easy to understand. Based on years of customer feedback, Windows Vista will have a UI re-designed to deliver on this goal.

Attitude toward the user
Be polite, supportive, and encouraging.
The user should never feel condescended to, blamed, or intimidated.
Cannot delete New Text Document: Access is denied.
This file is protected and cannot be deleted without specific permission.”

Microsoft Windows Vista User Experience Guidelines (or “UX Guide” for short). These guidelines contain information on What’s New in Windows Vista, design principles, guidelines for controls, text, windows, and aesthetics. They will help designers and developers create high quality, consistent Windows Vista applications.

You can download this massive document and read all the MSFT recommended guidelines for Windows Vista from the following website:


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  1. Zack Says:

    LOL! 😀 Me and Joel (R2 beta team) came to blows a bit about this sort of thing – Microsoft was being all “chummy” and too user friendly, so I asked them to change it so that it was a bit more up front and not all friendly – the Press people didn’t like what I had to say… Phew!