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MSDN Channel 9 – Microsoft Home, London UK

September 10th, 2005 by Zack Whittaker

I’ve got to admit this, I am an absolute Channel 9 addict. Some years ago, Microsoft brought out Channel 9 and a team to run it led by Robert Scoble, to basically show the public and developers about what’s going on in Microsoft in many different formats. I’m attached to the video section myself, and now with my broadband connection (yahooo! :D) it means that I can download these video’s in a few seconds.

They also have many different types of media as well as sample code for developers – it’s hard to really describe what Channel 9 is as such, but I’ll just go through some of the things that they have now (they re-vamped the entrie site some weeks ago, so more user friendly and more content!). They have videos of what’s going on around Microsoft, some beta work and some upcoming products as well as video’s of what’s expected soon and insider information. They have screencasts which is like a live PowerPoint presentation so that you can see what the presenter is doing on their screen so you can follow it on yours. Pictures and other media of what the Channel 9 team have managed to grab, but they also have a sandbox area of which code writers and developers can submit their work and show off what they can do. Using the latest code languages such as “Avalon” (Windows Presentation Foundation) as well as C+ and others, you can download and leave feedback. It’s just a fantastic site, and I’m a regular visitor (but still can’t bloody login, because they can’t send me my password!!)

Anyway, the link below is to a video about the Microsoft Home in London, UK of which it’s an ordinary house but which is connected up to high heaven with Microsoft products – including laptops, Media Center devices all over, connectivity with wireless devices and almost every product you could wish for in a tech-home. There’s already a Microsoft Home in Redmond near the Microsoft Corporate Campus, but the main reason why I’m posting this, is just because I want to show the world that England hasn’t fallen back into the Dark Ages with technology and we’re just as keen as any other person!

However, I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “Does Robert Scoble actually understand half the things she’s saying? Quid, mobile, MP’s (which are Members of Parliament, not Ministry of Parliament!), and the whole London Transport thing?” If only he really knew what the London Transport system was really like… crushed every morning in a packed Tube train, armed officers everywhere, random bag checking… crikey!

▪    The Microsoft Home, London UK video
(size: 300mb)
▪    Go to Channel 9 on MSDN

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