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New computer system saves child

September 4th, 2005 by Zack Whittaker

This is my first update for today, and I just want to reflect a little bit on a new computer system that has saved a child’s life the other day. Poseidon is a life saving computer system which alerts lifeguards to a body floating in the water or that has sunk below the surface within seconds of it happening. It cost a hell of a lot to buy, about $120,000 which is round about… erm, £65,000 or so. This system uses cameras and sensors to detect null movement in the water, then triggers an alarm.

My best friend is a lifeguard at the local Center Parcs, and she’s been telling me how useful this sort of equipment is. She says that it makes their life much easier to not have to keep a constant eye on the water, because of the conditions of a poolside where it’s hot, muggy and can be difficult being in that sort of environment for 5 hours a day without change! But this should help other people who get into difficulty and hopefully the price of the system will pay off, with more people being saved than ever before.


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