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IE Logo-New look

August 13th, 2005 by Patrick S

Browsing through the web today i stumbled upon the Internet Explorer blog. And since today had been a queit day I thought I would blog what they had bloged :P.
Today IE 7 took on a new logo (see below) Its been a while since we got a new look logo (IE 5 I think).

“Hopefully, by now you’ve seen from our posts that there are a lot of new features and work going into IE 7. As part of this update, we’re refreshing our icon and logotype. We considered more radical departures from our current logo, but blue “e” with the ring is very recognizable and familiar to users, so we elected instead to make more subtle changes.

As you can see, the new “e” has more modern look, and the edges are a bit darker so the icon stands out better against different backgrounds. We liked the gold ring too since it brings in new energy and helps the icon pop a bit more than the old one. This icon and text treatment will be used on the versions of IE 7 for Windows XPSP2, Server 2003 SP1, and x64 versions. We’ll have a slightly different look for the Windows Vista™ version, one that’s more consistent with the icons there. We’re not quite ready with that one yet, but we’ll share it here once we do.”

People seem to be criticizing saying its like IE:mac’s logo but I for one quite like the new look…

Oh well as I said not much happening today…Ill Blog ya later
Patrick Squire

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