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Windows Genuine Advantage Cracked-AGAIN

August 6th, 2005 by Patrick S

Wow what a week it has been with microsoft news (ive been browsing all the tech news sites :P)

Last week Wimdows Genuine Advantage was cracked using a sneaky piece of Java script to get around its security by generating a code that is then copy’ed and pasted to allow download.

This week Microsoft announced that this little floor has now been FIXED.

BUT today it has been announced that it has been cracked AGAIN.

News Source: cnet

The check is meant to prevent people with pirated copies of the operating system from downloading additional software from Microsoft. By changing a setting in a Microsoft validation tool called “GenuineCheck.exe,” it’s possible to generate a code that will validate the Windows software on a machine as genuine even if it is pirated, according to a Web site publicized on Thursday in a posting to the popular Full Disclosure security mailing list.

For the software maker, the news could be another episode of people finding a way to get around WGA. Last week, several Web sites said it was possible to bypass the piracy lock by several means, including pasting a JavaScript string into the Web browser. Earlier this year, during WGA’s pilot phase, a security researcher outlined another way to trick the check.

According to the Thursday posting, all a PC user apparently has to do to have GenuineCheck.exe generate a valid code on a machine with pirated Windows XP is to run it in Windows 2000 compatibility mode. This is done by downloading the tool, right-clicking on the file and selecting “properties.” Then select the “compatibility” tab in the menu and change the compatibility mode.


Also something else i found pretty amazing is a virus writer has posted examples of malicious code that targets Microsoft’s upcoming command-line shell, code-named Monad
(also knowen as MSH is the replacement for the simple command shell in the current versions of Windows. A shell, also called a command line interface, allows a user to give a computer textual commands either from a keyboard or from a script.)

Im sure there will be more news as its posted…

Oh well,
See you later,
Patrick S
Better get onto some Beta Testing too!

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  1. Patrick E Says:

    Good finds there! I’ll post some more on the Vista/LH/MSH issue 🙂

    Patrick E