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Using network shares as targets for the file-based Backup tool in Windows Vista

September 29th, 2006 by Patrick S

Beta testers using the file backup application in Windows Vista have complained about being prompted for a user name and password after they try to back up to a network share. It’s especially frustrating for users who know they already have access to the share. Though this behavior might seem like a bug, there’s a good reason why the prompt occurs: the backup application needs to store the user name and password for the share so that when the scheduled backup job runs, under the “LocalSystem” account, the backup application can use those credentials to access the share.  If the backup application didn’t gather these credentials ahead of time, you would be prompted to enter them before each backup. (And I should mention that if the password changes at some point, you’ll need to re-enter the credentials in the backup settings or else the next backup will fail, and the resulting error message will then link you to a UI that lets you update the backup configuration.)

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