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IE Logo-New look

August 13th, 2005 by Patrick S

Browsing through the web today i stumbled upon the Internet Explorer blog. And since today had been a queit day I thought I would blog what they had bloged :P.
Today IE 7 took on a new logo (see below) Its been a while since we got a new look logo (IE 5 I think).

“Hopefully, by now you’ve seen from our posts that there are a lot of new features and work going into IE 7. As part of this update, we’re refreshing our icon and logotype. We considered more radical departures from our current logo, but blue “e” with the ring is very recognizable and familiar to users, so we elected instead to make more subtle changes.

As you can see, the new “e” has more modern look, and the edges are a bit darker so the icon stands out better against different backgrounds. We liked the gold ring too since it brings in new energy and helps the icon pop a bit more than the old one. This icon and text treatment will be used on the versions of IE 7 for Windows XPSP2, Server 2003 SP1, and x64 versions. We’ll have a slightly different look for the Windows Vista™ version, one that’s more consistent with the icons there. We’re not quite ready with that one yet, but we’ll share it here once we do.”

People seem to be criticizing saying its like IE:mac’s logo but I for one quite like the new look…

Oh well as I said not much happening today…Ill Blog ya later
Patrick Squire

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Hazy days ahead…

August 12th, 2005 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Days have been hazy for Malaysians due to the forest burning in Indonesia. Wind is blowing the smokes to Malaysia and 2 cities have been declared Haze Emergancy because of having more than 500 of Air Pollitant Index (API). What does this mean?

The Haze Emergancy guideline reads:

When the Haze Emergency has been declared, the State Management and Disaster Committee must take the following actions:

a) Issue an order for the closure of all government and private offices and other work places including factories, plantations, construction and quarries.

Why are you blowing towards Malaysia?

A photo shows Kuala Lumpur with clear skies in January, left, and as it appears on August 10.

Source: The Star
Source: CNN

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WE know Vista is smart but its also going to be FAST

August 9th, 2005 by Patrick S

Microsoft hopes to tackle an age-old problem with the next version of Windows: How to keep PCs running like new.

With Vista, the new client version of Windows due next year, Microsoft is addressing what’s become a sad truth for most people: PCs run more slowly over time.

Vista will automatically de-fragment hard disks, make better use of memory to more quickly load programs, and include a new performance control panel that will identify performance bottlenecks, according to the company.

The goal is to keep PCs running like new long after they’re purchased. “Certainly a year after a user gets a Vista system, if they do the sort of standard things we encourage users to do (install Windows updates, etc.), it should run the same as when they initially go it, said Gabriel Aul, a group program manager in Microsoft’s Windows division.

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New Certifications Expected Soon For MCP Program

August 6th, 2005 by Joseph Bittman MCSD .Net

The MCP Program has announced that it will create distinctive certifications for Developers and IT Professionals. The new names for them will be Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) and Microsoft Certified IT Professional. They will also have Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists, which are certified in one technology. This is a very important (and smartly decided) decision that they have made to seperate whether people are professionals in Development or IT Administration.

The MCPDs have a number of different sub-distinctions such as “Web Developer” or “Windows Developer”. There is also the “Enterprise Application Developer” distinction that will be the successor to the MCSD credential.

Upgrade paths:

MCADs need to take 1 exam each to upgrade to the Web and Windows Developer credentials. Therefore, MCADs need to take 2 exams to be a certified Web & Windows Developer.

MCSDs can take 2 exams to upgrade to the Enterprise Application Developer credential. This is the same amount as MCADs require to upgrade to the less appealing, Web & Windows Developer credential, so it might be worthwhile to take the extra 2 exams on .Net 1.1 right now, so that you can upgrade more easily to the Enterprise credential.

Information on the MCSA & MCSE upgrade paths have not been released yet, although there is expected to be more information on this latest certification move by Microsoft in September.

Read more about this latest announcement at MCPMag.com: http://mcpmag.com/news/article.asp?EditorialsID=821.

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Viruses take advantage of new command shell in beta OS

August 6th, 2005 by Patrick Elliott

By Robert McMillan, IDG News Service
August 04, 2005

An Austrian hacker earned the dubious distinction of writing what are thought to be the first known viruses for Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system. Written in July, the viruses take advantage of a new command shell, code-named Monad, that is included in the Windows Vista beta code.

The viruses were published last month in a virus-writing tutorial written for an underground hacker group calling itself the Ready Ranger Liberation Front, and take advantage of security vulnerabilities in the new command shell. Unlike the traditional Windows graphical user interface, which relies heavily on the mouse for navigation, command shells allow users to use powerful text-based commands, much like Windows’ predecessor, DOS.

The viruses were written by a hacker calling himself “Second Part To Hell,” and published on July 21, just days after Monad was publicly released by Microsoft, according to Mikko Hyppönen, chief research officer with
Helsinki’s F-Secure Corp. Second Part To Hell is the pseudonym of an Austrian-based hacker who also goes by the name Mario, Hyppönen said.

Because of its sophistication, the new command shell offers new opportunities for hackers, Second Part To Hell wrote in the tutorial, a copy of which was obtained by the IDG News Service. “Monad will be like Linux’s
BASH (Bourne Again Shell) — that means a great number of commands and functions,” he wrote. “We will be able to make as huge and complex scripts as we do in Linux.”

F-Secure has named the virus family Danom (Monad in reverse). After examining the code, Hyppönen said that the Danom family is disruptive, but not capable of causing significant damage to Windows users. “These are proof of concept viruses,” he said, “Where virus writers want to break new ground
and write the first viruses for a new platform.”

Most security experts had not expected to see a Windows Vista virus so soon, Hyppönen said. “The only surprise here is that it came so early,” he said. “It’s been eight days since the beta of the operating system was out.” Monad was released several days prior to the Windows Vista beta.

Still, Danom’s release does raise questions about whether or not Microsoft should enable the Monad shell by default in Windows Vista.

Because Monad’s scripting capabilities will only be used by advanced users, Hyppönen believes Microsoft should not offer the software as part of the standard Windows Vista package when it becomes commercially available in the second half of 2006. This would make the software less prevalent, and therefore less attractive to virus writers, he said.

Microsoft “got burned,” by including similar software, called Windows Script Host, by default in its Windows 2000 operating system, he said. “Since it was on the system, all the virus writers were exploiting it,” he said.

Microsoft was unable to comment on this story at press time.

From http://www.infoworld.com/article/05/08/04/HNvistaviruses_1.html

(In California on Vacation right now, but still surfing the net for the latest news!)
Patrick E.

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Windows Genuine Advantage Cracked-AGAIN

August 6th, 2005 by Patrick S

Wow what a week it has been with microsoft news (ive been browsing all the tech news sites :P)

Last week Wimdows Genuine Advantage was cracked using a sneaky piece of Java script to get around its security by generating a code that is then copy’ed and pasted to allow download.

This week Microsoft announced that this little floor has now been FIXED.

BUT today it has been announced that it has been cracked AGAIN.

News Source: News.com cnet

The check is meant to prevent people with pirated copies of the operating system from downloading additional software from Microsoft. By changing a setting in a Microsoft validation tool called “GenuineCheck.exe,” it’s possible to generate a code that will validate the Windows software on a machine as genuine even if it is pirated, according to a Web site publicized on Thursday in a posting to the popular Full Disclosure security mailing list.

For the software maker, the news could be another episode of people finding a way to get around WGA. Last week, several Web sites said it was possible to bypass the piracy lock by several means, including pasting a JavaScript string into the Web browser. Earlier this year, during WGA’s pilot phase, a security researcher outlined another way to trick the check.

According to the Thursday posting, all a PC user apparently has to do to have GenuineCheck.exe generate a valid code on a machine with pirated Windows XP is to run it in Windows 2000 compatibility mode. This is done by downloading the tool, right-clicking on the file and selecting “properties.” Then select the “compatibility” tab in the menu and change the compatibility mode.


Also something else i found pretty amazing is a virus writer has posted examples of malicious code that targets Microsoft’s upcoming command-line shell, code-named Monad
(also knowen as MSH is the replacement for the simple command shell in the current versions of Windows. A shell, also called a command line interface, allows a user to give a computer textual commands either from a keyboard or from a script.)

Im sure there will be more news as its posted…

Oh well,
See you later,
Patrick S
Better get onto some Beta Testing too!

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Major Security Flaw & a nice little mouse

August 4th, 2005 by Patrick S

News Source: News.com cnet

A serious flaw has been discovered in a core component of Windows 2000, with no possible work-around until it gets fixed. Apparently this hole cannot be turned off or disabled since it is a core part of the actual operating system itself.

“The vulnerability in Microsoft’s operating system could enable remote intruders to enter a PC via its Internet Protocol address, Marc Maiffret, chief hacking officer at eEye Digital Security, said on Wednesday. As no action on the part of the computer user is required, the flaw could easily be exploited to create a worm attack, he noted.
What may be particularly problematic with this unpatched security hole is that a work-around is unlikely, he said.
“You can’t turn this (vulnerable) component off,” Maiffret said. “It’s always on. You can’t disable it. You can’t uninstall.”

Update:eEye seem to state that it also effects Windows XP and 2003.

“This security issue affects a large majority of Windows systems currently used by enterprises around the world. This high-risk security vulnerability could potentially allow an attacker to send a specially crafted Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) request to an affected system, which would result in a denial of service. For an enterprise with thousands of Windows-based machines, many running critical applications, this represents a dramatic threat to business continuity. To date, Microsoft has not issued a patch for this security flaw.”

News Source: Apple apple

In other news (and on a higher note) Apple is showcasing a new Multi-button mouse. Its called the mighty mouse. It looks so cool. It has 2 buttons plus a roller in the middle… Now you can also scroll up and down but horizontally at the same time! I am pretty keen to go buy one of these baby’s. They look neat. Oh its also Windows compatible :).
Check out the web site for the mightymouse.

Blog ya later…
Patrick Squire 🙂

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